• Love. Want. Need. Tory Burch.co.uk
      17th January 2013

      Tory Burch.co.uk

      AUTHOR The Milk Maid
      Elegant and waspish with a dash of the all American and a lot of uptown New York polish; that's Tory Burch, the US label currently making waves on my side of the Atlantic.

      Having arrived in the UK a couple of years ago, the Tory Burch Bond Street location is now complimented by a stunning transactional website. Like the store before it www.toryburch.co.uk is an all encompassing representation of the Manhattan brand - shop a selection of the iconic Reva ballet shoes, prim cashmere knits, demure cocktail dresses and branded leather goods, alongside quotes from Tory Burch, the Tory Blog and beautiful look book imagery.

    • Out Going Chilli Night at Outsider Tart
      12th November 2012

      Chilli Night at Outsider Tart

      AUTHOR The Milk Maid
      Every thursday evening, David and David, the duo behind the American bakeshop in Chiswick, clear the counters of sweet US treats and present giant pots of steaming chilli.

      With 12 place settings, 12 bowls and 12 chairs, the evening is guaranteed to be cosy, friendly and familiar as guests feast family style around their communal table.


      On the evening I visited I sat with a couple of the local regulars, a few other journalists and bloggers, a couple of PR's and the Davids themselves - sweet bread was broken, beer flowed freely, the chilli gradually diminished and both souls and stomachs were fed on this all American comfort food as new friends were made.




      A tip to anyone going along... don't forget to leave room for pudding! David and David are the most gracious and welcoming hosts, their table quickly feels like home as they actively encourage guests to relax, enjoy and help themselves to seconds, thirds and even fourths. After so much chilli there was little room for even the smallest slice of a delicious red velvet cheesecake so I took a giant wedge home, along with a huge jar of Reece's peanut butter that had been winking at me all evening.



      David and David's authentic American soul food can now be sampled more regularly, as their restaurant, Blue Plate, has just opened.

      To celebrate Thanks Giving, the American Davids are also hosting two traditional American Thanks Giving dinners, visit the website for more information




    • Playlists Big Kids Guest Edit
      30th October 2012

      Big Kids Guest Edit

      AUTHOR Mr Hudson and Rosie Oddie - Big Kids
      With the spirit of Camden and the intelligence of Oxford, new band Big Kids, fronted by Mr Hudson and Rosie Oddie, delivers dance floor filling drum beats and playful pop melodies.

      Big Kids have created a playlist for Milk, featuring a selection of the tracks that have influenced their eclectic but signature sound. Click PLAY to listen.

      1. I'd Rather Go Blind - Etta James
      2. Walk This Way - Aerosmith
      3. Starman - David Bowie
      4. Livin On A Prayer - Bon Jovi
      5. Waterloo Sunset - The Kinks
      6. In My Life - The Beatles
      7. A Message To You Rudy - The Specials
      8. Suspicious Minds - Elvis Presley

      Tonight Big Kids perform at the W Hotel, the first of a unique and interactive musical experience, The Human Juke Box. Call room service or tweet using #WHumanJukeBox to request a song and preferred location within the hotel and wait for them to rock up and play.

      For more information click here
    • Love. Want. Need. Guest Edit: Chinti and Parker founder, Rachael Wood
      16th October 2012

      Guest Edit: Chinti and Parker founder, Rachael Wood

      AUTHOR Rachael Wood
      It seems I can never have too much cashmere in my wardrobe, or too many stripes - The mix stripe sweater from the our AW12 collection in navy cream and fox is an absolute favourite.
      Chinti and Parker - available from Net A Porter - www.net-a-porter.com

      Spots are another pattern I'm always drawn to, I love the oversized polka dot shirt in classic navy and cream we've done for this season. A statement shirt can instantly transform an outfit and this one ticks all the boxes; boyish, geeky and playful.
      Chinti and Parker - available from Net A Porter - www.net-a-porter.com

      I’d struggle without the conditioning treatment Moroccon Oil gives my hair. I hate to admit this but my mum introduced me to this product. I put just a tiny bit of the oil on the ends of my hair after washing and it keeps my hair super conditioned and smelling lovely.
      Moroccan Oil - www.moroccanoil.co.uk

      I’m fairly petite so I find the fit of Princesse Tam Tam underwear perfect, they do beautiful pieces without a crazy price tag and get the balance right between feminine but not fussy - or worse, frilly.
      Princess Tam Tam - available from Harrods - www.harrods.com


      Rachael Wood and her cousin Anna Singh co founded ethical label, Chinti and Parker, in 2009. Continually adhering to their tag line 'Conscious Cloth' they endeavour to create beautiful clothing that values style on par with substance. Flattering cuts in fashion conscious colours are created using high quality natural materials chosen for both their inherent beauty and ethical consideration.

    • Out Going Spa and Massage
      5th October 2012

      Spa and Massage

      AUTHOR The Milk Maid
      With the belief that massage "is as important to an individuals health regime as diet and exercise" Spa & Massage's unique approach to massage, so typically reserved as an extravagance, makes a refreshing change.

      Conveniently dotted all over London, Spa & Massage centres are accessible and affordable with a focus on health and the necessary maintenance to keep your body healthy, fit and vibrant.

      While this all sounds very clinical, lest us not forget, these treatments are also incredibly relaxing and luxurious, this ethos acts as the perfect guise to justify an indulgence. Spa & Massage work with expert therapists and use specially blended oils with a range of techniques from swiss, deep tissue and thai that can be combined and tailored to suit the individual.

      I woke the other day with a bad back having sat for 8 hours the previous day at a desk on what was little more than a couple of plastic slats, after a 30 minute deep tissue, thai combo massage, I returned to my working day with better posture and more poise; a straighter, brighter eyed version of myself than just half an hour before.