On the Radar AV Live
21st July 2011

AV Live

Words The Milk Maid

By Anomolous Visuals

22nd July 2011 - Ongoing

I had an exciting meeting the other day, one of those elaborate and eccentric brain storming sessions that take no consideration of budget, logistics or feasibility but that leaves you feeling motivated and exhilarated. The meeting was with multimedia collective Anomalous Visuals about creating a moving images fashion series for Milk. Pairing together audio and visuals, Anomalous Visuals seamlessly fuse these elements into unified and dynamic films and have also been responsible for curating Flash // Focus // Record and Noughtie Nightlife

The collective is celebrating their first year with, AV Live, a summer season of sensory adventures and immersive evenings. Short films are created with CGI, illustration, graphic design, abstract patterns and anomalous visuals, woven into intelligent and progressive disco, house, techno and bass culture beats.

I'm thrilled to partner with Anomalous Visuals on unique and directional content to take breath away. In the mean time, AV Live is set to be an interesting, fully immersive overwhelming cinematic and dance experience. Not one to miss.

AV LIve begins at The City and Arts Music Project in Shoreditch, London, on 22nd July. Click here for more information and the future line up.