On the Radar Dirt: the Filthy Reality of Everyday Life
25th March 2011

Dirt: the Filthy Reality of Everyday Life

Words The Milk Maid

Photography David Bickerstaff

At the Wellcome Collection

24 March - 31 August 2011

For those with an OCD problem look away now or if you have a morbid fascination with dirt and the grotesque prepare to be indulged, Dirt: the Filthy Reality of Everyday Life now on at the Wellcome Collection, will appeal to your secret love of the disgusting.

Travelling across centuries and continents to explore our strange and ambivalent relationship with dirt, the exhibition uncovers a rich history of disgust and delight in the grimy truths and dirty secrets of our past.

We live in filthy times, exposure to dirt shapes our metropolitan and rural life, it poses a significant risk to our health but is also vital to our existence. While we may wish to sweep it under the carpet or wash our hands of it, scientists are debating whether our increasing obsession with cleanliness is stripping away our ability to combat infection. Dirt will reveal the fascinating world of filth that remains one of the very last taboos.

Dirt: the Filthy Reality of Everyday Life is part of the DIRT Season from Wellcome Trust. Look out for events at special dirty locations, including Eden Project, Glastonbury and other Summer festivals.