On the Radar It's Hermes - ing!
7th December 2011

It's Hermes - ing!

A tribute to the Hermes scarf at Harrods

2nd January 2012 - Harrods Room of Luxury II, Ground Floor

"Adorn me in 15 silk scarves!" was my diva-ish demand upon arriving at the Herme's pop up in Harrods. And so the stylists on hand did, plaiting, tying, twisting, knotting, layering and cinching over £3,000 worth of silk to create some major Hermes head to toe.

Celebrating a 20 year relationship with Hermes, Harrods is paying homage to the Silk scarf with a dedicated space in the room of luxury until the 2nd January. The space includes an Hermes how to - be styled and advised on ways to wear a scarf while a photographer captures the moment - a library to shop of classic designs and two exclusive new styles entitled Hermes Pour Harrods'.

An Hermes scarf is the internationally recognised signature of a wealthy woman - draped over her shoulders, knotted around her neck or tied around the handle of her Birkin bag - but there are so many more ways to sport their scarves, 1,000 apparently. As illustrated by a genius collection of Hermes Knot Cards given upon purchase of each scarf.

The Hèrmes Pop-up Shop, Monday 5th December 2011 to Monday 2nd January 2012 Harrods Room of Luxury II, Ground Floor

Thanks to Shini of www.parkandcube.com for the image.