On the Radar James Mullinger's School Days
12th April 2011

James Mullinger's School Days

Words Penny Brewer

A comedy

Hilarious, controversial and not for the faint hearted, the well spoken James Mullinger will shock, charm and entertain with his filthy annecdotal observations and obscene real life stories.

Schooldays, James' second full length show following from the critically acclaimed, The Bad Boy of Feminism, is a provocative rendition and autobiographical narrative about being at school in the 1980s. From the miserable horror of primary to the reckless debauchery of boarding school, James shamelessly shares incriminating personal stories with little regard for his reputation. His tales, delivered with such profound, untarnished honesty and uncomprimising frankness are barely believable. Evidence presented in the form of carefully collated teacher's reports, photographs and videos serve to relentlessly prove that even the most outrageous story isn't even slightly embellished let alone totally fabricated!

James Mullinger's Schooldays was described by Time Out as "very funny stuff" and by the Evening Standard as "something of a sensation". With every night a sell out at the Camden Fringe and the Leicester Comedy Festival, the last chance to see this show is not to be missed! Just leave your qualms at home and prepare for some jaw dropping, bottom clenching comedy!

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