On the Radar Shoes for Show
4th November 2011

Shoes for Show

Words The Milk Maid

Photography Christian Louboutin for the English National Ballet

The sculptural art of high heels

4th - 8th November 2011

Shoes aren't always functional; aching arches, bruised balls and burning blisters, we've all been there! While some shoes look better than they feel, others are simply just for show and entirely unwearable.

Taking not just steps but giant leaps away from practical footwear, this carefully edited selection of shoes is about as far from a visit to Clarks as could possibly be! Shoes for Show, is a display of the most outlandish and outrageous, expect to see feats of engineering and architecture and works of art and sculpture. Featuring one off designs, iconic shoes and customised or bespoke pieces borrowed from the private collections of individuals such as Daphne Guinness and Christian Louboutin and from the show archives of designers and couturiers.

The exhibition is free and open from 11am - 7pm at The Loading Bay, 91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL