• On the Radar Vivienne Westwood Shoes: An exhibition 1973-2010
    26th August 2010

    Vivienne Westwood Shoes: An exhibition 1973-2010

    AUTHOR Penny Brewer

    Now open at Selfridges, London

    In celebration of the woman who pioneered Punk, defied convention and whose career spans decades, Selfridges has opened a retrospective of Vivienne Westwood's shoes.

    As famous for her footwear as she is for her clothes, the iconic British designer believes shoes to be the ultimate fetish object, that they "... must have very high heels and platforms to put women's beauty on a pedestal. "

    Illustrating the evolution of her signature style since the 70's there are nearly 200 from Westwood's personal archive as well as those from her current collection; the collectable Rocking Horse shoe, the timelessly on trend Pirate Boot the platforms responsible for the most memorable fashion moment, when Naomi Campbell tumbled from the great heights of the Super Elevated Gille on the catwalk and the most recent rubber designs in collaboration with cult brand Melissa.

    Displayed in Selfridges' permanent exhibition arts and exhibition space, The Ultralounge, the exhibition is on display until 22nd September.

    Click here to visit the Selfridges website.
  • On the Radar Erotic
    24th August 2010


    AUTHOR Penny Brewer
    PHOTOGRAPHY Liza Angst

    At the Barbican

    In a bid to bring some energy from the underground to the mainstream the Barbican has invited two luminaries of London’s avant-garde performance scene to create one night of exotic, flamboyant and surrealist adventure.

    Lara Clifton of Whoopee/Republic of She and Johnny Blue Eyes of the House of Blue Eyes have collaborated and called upon the cream of London’s underground club and art scene. Creating a night of performance, art, dance, poetry, installations, fashion, photo shoots, experimental sounds and pole dancing.

    Lara Clifton was the co-founder of the Whoopee Club which was responsible for creating theatrical, avant-garde club nights that ‘redefined the cabaret and party scene in London’ (TIME OUT 2009). Her new project, ‘Republic of She’, is a web based platform for performance art – due to go live next month.

    Johnny Blue Eyes, a stylist and Creative Director of fashion, music and art collective House of Blue Eyes works with a “family” of performers and musicians. Collaborators include the iconic Scissor Sisters, Beth Ditto and The Gossip, and rock ‘n’ roll goddess Peaches.

    Johnny Blue Eyes is keen to share his world with everyone believing that "...we are what we were when we were children, as we move through our lives this gets suppressed as we feel we have to behave in a certain way. The free, joyous childish side of people gets locked up, my work is about personal freedom, giving everyone a chance to be free; its ok to reach back to that place in an appropriate way. 'Erotic' will be like Dorothy and her red shoes, going down her yellow brick road and meeting different performers and energy along the way."

    "Prepare to be intrigued, surprised and shocked. Dress up, dress down, or undress!"

    'Erotic' adds another dimension to The Surrealist House, an exhibition exploring the power and mystery of the house in our collective imagination, throwing light on the significance of surrealism for architecture. 'Erotic' is part of an extensive program of events to compliment The Surreal House, it’s not a nostalgic remembering of the Surrealist movement, but a recognition of how surrealist thinking is still vital and alive within underground culture.

    Tickets are priced at £12 and include same-day entrance to the exhibition The Surreal House, click here to book. For tickets and more information about The Surreal House exhibition click here.
  • Love. Want. Need. Dandy Doll Brogues
    23rd August 2010

    Dandy Doll Brogues

    AUTHOR The Milk Maid

    From Office

    These brogues are ticking some serious style boxes. With a great colour combination they nod to the boat shoe, wink at an 18th century court, while shaking hands with a 1920's American Gangster and his spats!

    Priced at an amazing £60, about the price of a night out in a bootleg bar! Click here to visit the Office website.
  • Love. Want. Need. Carven: A democratic view of fashion
    10th August 2010

    Carven: A democratic view of fashion

    AUTHOR Cloudia Charalambos
    French fashion brand Carven was accredited as the originator of ready-to-wear, sixty five years on and the label is making a rapid return with an impeccable and desirable Autumn/Winter collection. Perfect classics with additional touches create the epitome of the forever sought after French style.

    In 1945 post- war Paris, a time when the world of haute couture dominated, a complete novice, Carmen De Tommaso, (soon to be known as Madame Carven) set out to create a collection of sporty, youthful clothing for active, practical women. She presented an offering of accessible luxury, an unheard-of democratic vision of fashion, and turned the elite arena of couture on its head.
    “I want the woman who wears my clothing, regardless of her age or lifestyle or financial means, to feel beautiful and sexy but not déguisée (costumed).”
    Today the Carven spirit is being shaped by Paris based, Guillaume Henry. Touted by Net-a-Porters Natalie Massenet as ‘a young Saint Laurent’, Henry is an alumnus of Givenchy, under Riccardo Tisci and former design director at Paule Ka. Designated as the guardian of The House of Carven’s heritage, Henry is already creating collections that are fresh, lively and elegant.
    Henry describes his Fall/Winter ’10 collection as “a wardrobe puzzle; fresh, chic pieces to throw together”. Prim Peter Pan collared twisted jersey dresses, archive inspired cocoon coats, high-waist, nipped-in city shorts, pencil mini’s with slits on the thigh and micro cashmere sweaters all in tones of camel, rust, charcoal and navy. The most coveted coat of the season is the tuxedo-style camel wool coat, already notching up a waiting list at Browns.
    With Guillaume Henry at the helm, Carven is making waves once again with chic, spirited, pared-down fashion, free from ostentation and pretence - just the way Madame Carven, who celebrated her 100th year, last year, would have wanted it.
    Available at Browns Shop 24, The Shop at Bluebird or online at Net A Porter
  • On the Radar Serpentine Pavilion Gallery
    6th August 2010

    Serpentine Pavilion Gallery

    AUTHOR Zoe Hodge
    An annual occurance for the last 10 years, the Serpentine Gallery plays host to a newly constructed piece of innovative architecture.

    Always worth a visit, this year the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion has been designed by highly acclaimed architect, Jean Nouvel, responsible also for creating yet another shopping destination in London, One New Change in St Pauls.

    Architectural exhibitions can be isolating experiences where the viewer is left looking at a complex collection of linear constellations lacking tangibility. However, Jean Nouvel’s Serpentine Gallery Pavilion is an example of success. The striking red assembly of geometric forms, beams and sloped freestanding partitions is supposed to juxtapose with the natural green park resonating in it surroundings like a Rothko painting. However, the drought has left this contrast a little lack lustre but it’s a beautiful and awe inspiring structure none the less.

    From a functional point of view the Pavilion is also a brilliant asset to the park, flexible components, namely retractable awnings, enables the Pavilion to accommodate events such as Gallery Park Nights and a cafe. It also works harmoniously with the ever-changing British summer weather providing shelter and cover along with stunning views of the sky both day and night. A hugely recommended site to see.
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