• On the Radar Design Museum Collection: Extraordinary Stories About Ordinary Things
    4th February 2013

    Design Museum Collection: Extraordinary Stories About Ordinary Things

    AUTHOR The Milk Maid
    PHOTOGRAPHY Luke Hayes
    30th January 2013

    The Design Museum has opened a permanent collection devoted exclusively to contemporary design and architecture from the twentieth-century. Exploring exceptional everyday items and graphics or objects inherent to communicating a national identity, the exhibition includes a study of the Anglepoise lamp (the single most copied, parodied and collected in the history of design) and profiles the Olympic 2012 logo, now a globally recognised icon.


    The exhibition presents six key stories through hundreds of items, offering a diverse investigation into the impact of design on every aspect of our lives. Speaking of the exhibition Deyan Sudjic, Director of the Design Museum explains "Design matters at every level. It is what makes daily life a little better; it is about the big economic changes that the world is going through. It is about the designers and the manufacturers, but it is also about the users. It is a unique way of making sense of the world around us."

    From the banks of the River Thames to the leafy borough of Kensington, the opening of this permanent collection marks a milestone in the journey towards the future of the Design Museum at its new home.

  • On the Radar Heels on Wheels by Katie Dailey
    4th September 2012

    Heels on Wheels by Katie Dailey

    AUTHOR The Milk Maid
    I still have the scars - under my chin and on my knee - from falling off my very first bike as a small child. Until a couple of years ago I'm not sure I'd been on a bike very much since that fateful tumble!

    It was while I had someones armpit in my face on the tube that I thought perhaps cycling to get around London might be a preferred option and so began to do a little research. Unfortunately this bible of a book, Heels on Wheels, by fashion editor, Katie Dailey, hadn't yet been printed so I've made some knicker flashing and near miss mistakes, learning how to navigate the busy roads the hard way.

    Sharing her own traumas, but mostly pleasures, insights and advise, Katie's book is the ideal introduction, or reintroduction to cycling - saving anyone keen to get back in the saddle from embarrassing and dangerous mistakes.



    Written in simple prose Heels on Wheels isn't patronising but informative and humorous; covering everything from choosing your bike, preventing thieves, safety and basic bicycle maintenance to avoiding hat hair, arriving polished and sensible but stylish sartorial choices.



    Her snippets of wisdom, savvy advise and stylish insight is accompanied by beautiful illustrations by Clare Owen and the ideal read for anyone keen to be released from the shackles of public transport while maintaining a blow dry!

    Heels on Wheels by Katie Dailey is published by Hardie Grant Books and available to buy on Amazon

  • On the Radar Designed to Win
    6th August 2012

    Designed to Win

    AUTHOR Penny Brewer
    PHOTOGRAPHY Luke Hayes
    26th July - 18th November 2012, Design Museum

    While the London 2012 Olympic Games continue into the second week, a well timed exhibition at the Design Museum elaborates on the ways in which design and sport are combined.

    It's not unfair to say that the competing athlete's uniforms have come under as much scrutiny as their performance and prowess at the Olympics. This exhibition explores not only the clothing that allows sportsmen and women to compete at optimum level and enhance their natural abilities but also celebrates the designs of the neccessary sporting equipment. From the intricacies of F1 cars to a carefully constructed pair of running shoes, a carbon fibre javelin or an aerodynamic racing bike, Designed to Win explores how revolutionary materials, technologies and techniques push the limits of human endeavour and enhance their skills to achieve ultimate victories and break world records.



    As we anticipate the end of the Olympics and the beginning of the Paralympics, Designed to Win also explores how design has revolutionised sports opportunities for people with physical impairments.

  • On the Radar Represent at the 100 Club with Converse
    12th July 2012

    Represent at the 100 Club with Converse

    30th July - 10th August 2012 - 100 Club, London

    When the longest running popular music venue in the world, the 100 Club, came under threat last year there was outrage from fans and outcry from the stars who had performed there - from the Sex Pistols to Paul McCartney. In the end the 100 Club was saved by corporate trainer giant, Converse, who stepped up and sponsored the club allowing it to remain independent.

    To celebrate the one year anniversary of this hugely successful and mutually beneficial collaboration, Converse have announced the launch of Represent, a free summer music series.

    Since its inception in 1942, the 100 Club has been famed for its democratic celebration of music from all genres, Represent follows this spirit, curating a diverse roster of artists to play in this unique and intimate setting. Headline acts include Plan B, Nas, Paul Weller and Santigold as well as other special guests totalling 45 notable artists, all of whom have helped to shape the global music landscape.

    For more information, free tickets and live streaming visit www.converse.co.uk/represent

  • On the Radar London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Prints at Louis Vuitton
    9th July 2012

    • louis-vuitton-olympic-exhibition-whiteread-smith.jpg From left to right
      Rachel Whiteread 'London 2012' (2011) © London 2012
      Bob and Roberta Smith 'Love' (2011) © London 2012
    • louis-vuitton-olympic-exhibition-emin-hodgkin1.jpg From left to right
      Tracey Emin 'Birds 2012' (2011) © London 2012
      Howard Hodgkin 'Swimming' (2011) © London 2012
    • louis-vuitton-olympic-exhibition-riley-creed.jpg From left to right
      Bridget Riley 'Rose Rose' (2011) © London 2012
      Martin Creed 'Work No. 1273' (2011) © London 2012
    AUTHOR The Milk Maid
    9th July until 11th September 2012 - Louis Vuitton, Bond Street

    I'm being definitively scrooge like about the Olympics. While I am looking forward to the atmosphere The Games will no doubt bring, I'm annoyed I haven't got a single ticket (not even beach volleyball) and I'm dreading the public transport nightmare that will surely unfold.

    However there is one event where attendance is not dependent on a strange ballot system and that begins today, before the world and his wife depends on our already crowded city - told you, scrooge!

    In their delightful Bond Street Maision, Louis Vuitton are exhibiting a series of 12 limited edition prints by some of the most distinguished artists of our day. Selected by a commissioning panel that includes Tate Director, Sir Nicholas Serota, the artists were asked to respond to a brief that used the city of London as inspiration while interpreting the key values of the Olympics and Paralympics – respect, excellence, friendship, courage, equality and determination.

    Scroll above to see my favourites and visit my Facebook page to see the full selection of all prints on display.