Love. Want. Need. 'At Home' Treatments from Lime Spa
24th May 2012

'At Home' Treatments from Lime Spa

AUTHOR Jason Sloan
Always have essential oils to hand, they have thousands of antiseptic and cosmetic uses. Lavender and Ylang Ylang to soothe, Tea Tree to refresh, Rosewood to comfort and Orange to uplift. Mix one of these with grape seed oil (easy to acquire, reasonably priced, light and very good for the skin with no smell) to make a superb massage or body oil with a very nice aroma

Home scrub for skin like velvet:


- Mix up some medium coarse salt or sugar (sugar is milder in texture a better for sensitive skins)
- Cover the salt or sugar in grape-seed oil and lavender essential oil, about 10 drops.
- After being in the warm to hot bath for five minutes, once skin has softened, use circular motions to scrub legs, arms and body to remove dead skin and the oils, nourish, soothe and heal.
- Use with a loofah or exfoliating gloves if you wish.
- For maximum effect shower with a warm water to remove excess oils and pat dry.

A very gentle and deep cleansing face peel:


- Wash face with a mild PH balanced cleanser.
- Mix fresh lemon juice with live natural unsweetened yoghurt, apply to face and leave on your for 15 minutes (avoid eye area)
- Gently wash with the mixture then use a gentle toner
- Apply moisturiser.
- Repeat 3 times a week for best results.

Foot bath to stimulate circulation, alleviate tired feet and prevent fungal infections:


- Soak feet in hot water, epsom salts, lemon juice and essential oil.
- Repeat but with cold water

Fragrance for your bedroom:


A few drops of your favorite essential oil dropped onto a bedside lamp with 40 watt light bulb will perfume the room in an instant.


Add Lavender or Rosewood to the final rinse in your wash cycle to delicately scent your sheets.

Jason Sloan is the Group Director of Spa for Per AQUUM Retreats, Resorts and Residences, a group that boasts a portfolio of the finest hotels, each hosting its own luxurious Lime spa. With a wealth of knowledge from the beauty industry, ranging from cutting edge technology to traditional techniques, Jason is perfectly positioned to share these easy, effective and beautifully indulgent home treatments. Enjoy!