Love. Want. Need. Creme De La Mer
24th July 2012

Creme De La Mer

AUTHOR The Milk Maid
Amongst the usual dressing table clutter are two things poignantly placed next to my daily lotions and potions; a silver clock and a picture of my 6 year old self.

My mother always said “you wear your skin everyday, it’s worth investing in” and as I glance at the clock forever ticking and my smooth childish complexion in the photograph, it may be time to listen to her advice.

Crème de la Mer is certainly an investment - it's notoriously expensive, but with good reason. The original Miracle Broth was developed over 50 years ago by aerospace physicist Dr. Max Huber and combines clever science with the restorative powers of the sea. After a laboratory accident resulting in horrific burns, Huber began a personal quest to transform the look of his scarred skin, developing a unique bio-fermentation process to combine the simplest and purest ingredients with light and sound energy, he developed a seriously soothing and nourishing cream - now marketed as the Miracle Broth.

Forever evolving Crème de la Mer have now developed a whole host of skin care products for different skin types and needs, including eye creams, hand creams, lip balms, makeup and most recently The Reparative Body Lotion.




With products so powerful and expensive application is important. For the best results and to avoid uneccessary wastage Sarantis Tsimilimis, Education Manager & Skincare Ambassador of Creme de la Mer UK & Ireland advises on the ritual of how the most popular products should be applied.

“The eye products come with a silver-tipped applicator, which both cools and stimulates micro-circulation. A pearl sized amount of the original Moisturizing Cream should be warmed between the finger tips to release the key ingredients, then gently patted onto the skin to soothe, also helping to further stimulate circulation.”

Crème de la Mer take pride in their customer service and are keen to educate anyone interested about their product. Stop by one of their counters, found primarily in high end department stores, to experience and learn about Creme De La Mer, with no obligation to buy.