Love. Want. Need. Helmut Lang
16th March 2012

Helmut Lang

AUTHOR The Milk Maid
When I say I'm a person of contrast I'm not referring to a mental state of Bipolar - though I have been known to have the odd erratic moment, who hasn't? - but I'm talking about my wardrobe. Tough and soft is my mantra when dressing and revolves around a default formula, that if strayed away from, leaves me feeling odd, strange and more than a little out of sorts.

Usually it's skinny jeans, a silky top and a blazer finished off with black ankle boots that compiles my uniform and if I'm feeling 'Really Crazy' I might slip on a girly dress, eradicating any ounce of prettiness with a biker jacket and clunky heels.

On a recent trip to Westbourne Grove, I rediscovered American label Helmut Lang. Founded in the 80's, Helmut Lang himself left the label in 2005 but it has since been reincarnated into all its former glory. Developing the minimalist aesthetic of the late 80's and 90's and under the creative direction of husband and wife duo, Michael and Nicole Colovos, the label has once again become instantly recognisable for its deconstructed shapes and fluid draping.

I'm yet to find a brand that does 'tough and soft' quite so well as Helmut Lang. Luxurious natural fabrics; silk, chiffon and jersey are draped and toughened with buttery leathers, impeccable tailoring and biker detailing. They're the kind of pieces you can't help but touch, as I discovered while in the store, there were a few curious glances in my direction as I lovingly stroked everything in sight.

This season the typical Helmut Lang colour palette, largely monochrome in black, grey and white, is softened with a touches of mink and brightened with shocks of sunshine yellow and a rich peacock blue. Each piece brilliantly plays with proportion, depth and dimension and the collection feels modern and wearable.

For someone of many contrasts I simply can't get enough of Helmut Lang's flattering yet easy to wear pieces. They slot in so perfectly with my default wardrobe, for plain days and 'Really Crazy' moments, I longing for all of the below.


From left to right
Leather biker jacket - Helmut Lang at Net A Porter, £1,085 -
Satin dress - Helmut Lang at Net A Porter, £345 -
Draped chiffon maxi - Helmut Lang at Net A Porter, £480 -
Leather trousers - Helmut Lang at Net A Porter, £730 -
Leather and brushed linen jacket - Helmut Lang at Net A Porter, £580 -
Leather bag - Helmut Lang at Net A Porter, £755 -
Jersey skirt - Helmut Lang at Net A Porter, £205 -