Love. Want. Need. The Case of the Missing Purse
23rd April 2012

The Case of the Missing Purse

AUTHOR The Milk Maid
Last week I had my purse picked right out of my pocket - actually it was a zipped up bag but that doesn't sound quite so poetic. Not only did I lose all my debit and credit cards, a minimal amount of cash, my driving license, store vouchers, unchecked lottery tickets (just, don't!) but my beautiful Celine wallet, SOB!

With the belief that lightening never strikes twice I'm going to reinvest in a replacement, while being even more vigilant with my possessions.

Here's my short list...

A clever combination of polished and practical.
Zipped wallet - Comme des Garçons at Net A Porter, £205 -

Luxurious python and buttery suede, almost edible!
Chloé at Net A Porter, £330 -

Fuchsia pink leather to act as a brightly coloured beacon in the dark depths of my handbag.
French wallet - Mulberry at Net A Porter, £210 -