On the Radar BV 'Live' by Beach Tomato
11th October 2012

BV 'Live' by Beach Tomato

AUTHOR The Milk Maid
8th October 2012

As the non existent summer subtly morphs into a dreary wet winter (sorry to sound so negative), thoughts of far flung destinations and white sandy beaches are creeping to the forefront my mind.

While not quite the same as a two week trip to the Caribbean, online beach magazine, Beach Tomato, have collaborated with the British Virgin Islands to bring scenes of their picture post card beaches to cheer up urban areas of London.

BV 'Live' is a gorilla exhibition of six traffic stopping visuals by up and coming French artist, Victoria Lacroix, placed around the streets of Soho and Shoreditch. Find any 3 of the hidden artworks and enter to win 11 days on the BVI's most idyllic beaches, a little cluster of heaven.


This glimmer of hope is a much needed ray of sunshine.

For full instructions on how to enter visit the Beach Tomato website