On the Radar Represent at the 100 Club with Converse
12th July 2012

Represent at the 100 Club with Converse

30th July - 10th August 2012 - 100 Club, London

When the longest running popular music venue in the world, the 100 Club, came under threat last year there was outrage from fans and outcry from the stars who had performed there - from the Sex Pistols to Paul McCartney. In the end the 100 Club was saved by corporate trainer giant, Converse, who stepped up and sponsored the club allowing it to remain independent.

To celebrate the one year anniversary of this hugely successful and mutually beneficial collaboration, Converse have announced the launch of Represent, a free summer music series.

Since its inception in 1942, the 100 Club has been famed for its democratic celebration of music from all genres, Represent follows this spirit, curating a diverse roster of artists to play in this unique and intimate setting. Headline acts include Plan B, Nas, Paul Weller and Santigold as well as other special guests totalling 45 notable artists, all of whom have helped to shape the global music landscape.

For more information, free tickets and live streaming visit www.converse.co.uk/represent