On the Radar Reveries of a Lost Life Mask
3rd July 2012

Reveries of a Lost Life Mask

AUTHOR The Milk Maid
Theorising haphazard collages into skilled and intricate pencil drawings, Canadian artist, Aurel Schmidt creates quirky but beautiful artworks compiled of hyper real drawings of contrasting objects.

Using coloured pencils and graphite she draws items such as condoms, flies and cigarette packs intricately, curating them with more traditional and prettier art subjects like butterflies and flowers. Arranged to create an overall beautiful still life or a playful character her pieces appear to be a demonstration of the daily balance between nature and man, reminding us of our own vulnerability.



In a book limited to only 1000 copies, Reveries of a Lost Life Mask, Schmidt's drawings are accompanied by the powerful poetry or Franz Wright. Available at to buy at www.ln-cc.com

A selection of work by Aurel Schmidt can be seen at the Saatchi Gallery