Out Going Guest Edit: Kristin Taylor, Intuitive Healer
31st August 2012

Guest Edit: Kristin Taylor, Intuitive Healer

AUTHOR Kristin Taylor
Within the madness of everyday life it's important to take moments to yourself. Here are three methods that can be used to focus, energise and keep calm.

Make sure your energy is "grounded". This means that you have a strong connection to the earth, and this makes you feel calm and supported. Time in nature is key, but you can also do this energetically. Close your eyes and imagine that you have tree roots coming from the bottom of your feet deep into the core of the earth. You can do this anywhere and anytime.

Pay attention to your feelings. In the modern world, many of us become numb to how we are actually feeling about things. One way to do this is to sit quietly, place your hand on your heart and become aware of how your heart is feeling. Allow the feelings to come up without judgment. This is great for reconnecting to yourself and re-establishing feelings of love, joy and happiness. With time, it can enhance your intuition and assist with making decisions.

Keep perspective. Often we get sucked into the dramas of our lives, and we can develop inaccurate perceptions. A great way to gain perspective is through energy expansion. Sit quietly with your eyes closed and imagine that your energy is white light and that it is expanding from your body out in all directions, to the whole of the universe. From this space, consider the issue at hand. You will likely see it from a new, wider perspective. When you have finished this contemplation, imagine bringing your energy back into your body and "ground" as explained in point number one above. You may wish to have a notebook and pen nearby as you may gain new insights with this exercise!

Kristin Taylor is an intuitive healer who helps her clients realise healthier and happier lives. Previously a corporate lawyer in London, she uses the skills learnt from the legal industry combined with her natural and inherited gift to facilitate healing for her clients.

Kristin holds sessions from the Beyond Medispa at Harvey Nichols, London.