Out Going Spa and Massage
5th October 2012

Spa and Massage

AUTHOR The Milk Maid
With the belief that massage "is as important to an individuals health regime as diet and exercise" Spa & Massage's unique approach to massage, so typically reserved as an extravagance, makes a refreshing change.

Conveniently dotted all over London, Spa & Massage centres are accessible and affordable with a focus on health and the necessary maintenance to keep your body healthy, fit and vibrant.

While this all sounds very clinical, lest us not forget, these treatments are also incredibly relaxing and luxurious, this ethos acts as the perfect guise to justify an indulgence. Spa & Massage work with expert therapists and use specially blended oils with a range of techniques from swiss, deep tissue and thai that can be combined and tailored to suit the individual.

I woke the other day with a bad back having sat for 8 hours the previous day at a desk on what was little more than a couple of plastic slats, after a 30 minute deep tissue, thai combo massage, I returned to my working day with better posture and more poise; a straighter, brighter eyed version of myself than just half an hour before.